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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Last 90% of a game

Somewhere I read "When you think you are 90% complete with a game, you just have the other 90% left". It's true.

It was a pretty long time ago this project started (about 8 months) and it's now very near completion. It's a insane amount of hours put in this little game, and remember this is only a demo with 5 minutes(!!) of gameplay. Of course it wouldn't be as much work finishing more levels but I feel that I have soon finished what I started, and I'm satisfied with that!

Right now I'm trying to make what I have as good and polished as I can. This game will not be anything groundbreaking or graphically revolutionary, BUT IT WILL BE A REAL SHOOT'EM'UP GAME with lots of bullets, action, explosions, music/sounds, bosses, 3d graphics and highscores. I'll be really proud of it, finishing a game :-) I have not yet seen many finished games created with XNA, but I guess it will be a lot more one year from now...

In about 3-4 weeks time this project will be done and I will let it go, until I want to make it a full game :-)


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