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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Weekend SGA 2007

This weekend I attended with Bullet Hell Tactics at Swedish Game Awards 2007. It's was really fun to show people the game and see them play. Good feedback to watch people play that doesn't know anything about the game, I think most of them liked it and thought that it looked cool (as you can see in the picture below).

Little kids could play the game (even with the gamepad upside down!) at the Bullet Hell Tactics booth ;-)

Too bad Bullet Hell Tactics didn't win the "Best XNA Game" award. In the bright side of things I got some games and stuff from DICE (a minor award for Bullet Hell Tactics being a fun game). And it wasn't all for nothing when being nominated. The game has gained some publicity, for example, it is being mentioned in the XNA Team blog:

"On behalf of the XNA Community Game Platform team, I’d like to congratulate both teams on the great work they did on their games. It’s very inspiring to see such great games built on top of the technology we’ve built."


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