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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Better than the inspiration?

The inspiration sources for this game has been "Zero Gunner 2" and "Ikaruga" (and some others). These are the two best shoot'em'up games I know. Last night I played some "Zero Gunner 2" for Dreamcast to remember how they implemented the aim/rotate thing. I quickly felt that compared to "Bullet Hell Tactics" it felt slow and not as good looking graphics as I once thought. "Bullet Hell Tactics" actually felt like more action and better looking effects.

It just felt very cool that after playing "Zero Gunner 2" one can think that hmm... "Bullet Hell Tactics" is not that bad...

The last week I have been working with the graphics, effects and polishing the game a lot. There has been a huge difference just in a few days with the overall feeling of the game.

Today or tomorrow I'll post new screenshots and gameplay video. On Friday I'll go to Italy and when I get back home (next week) I'll build the final test version, and everyone who wants can try it.


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