Shmup Development (using XNA and C#)

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Stolen graphics and bullet patterns

I found some better graphics on the web which I temporary use in my game now, it's quite a difference when it actually looks like a game. I also added a gunshot sound when firing, it made it feel a lot cooler when shooting down those enemies.

Right now I'm working on a bullet pattern system which I think would be of good use in the development. I have looked at BulletML (Bullet Markup Language) which a guy called Kenta Cho have created. Only implementations in Java, C++ and D languages has been created, I'm using C# so I'm trying to create my own implementation of BulletML. It won't be exactly as BulletML, but pretty close (or better). It looks like it could work, it's very easy to create advanced bullet patterns with it.



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