Shmup Development (using XNA and C#)

Friday, January 04, 2008

Shmup engine running on the Xbox 360

I'm now a member of the XNA creators club, which means I can run my games on Xbox 360. It's so much more fun to develop and see it in action on a console.

Here are some of the features that has been in focus:

  • Rendering system: graphics can be drawn in the renderer in any order. Then when the draw function of the renderer is called all the queued graphics (models, sprites, particles) is sorted (by graphicstype and draworder) and then drawn. This works very well, just don't care in which order to draw the graphics.
  • Base classes: entity, enemy, player, stage, bullet, behavior...
  • Content pipeline: stage and enemy can now be loaded with the content pipeline.
  • Behaviors: can be added to any entity. Have created a few like chasebehavior (for enemies to chase the player or homing missiles), weaponbehavior (to fire bullets, both for player and enemy), scopebehavior (so objects can be removed when outside the screen), splinebehavior (make objects follow a spline).
Features I will continue to work with:

  • Bullet patterns: patterns will be loaded with the content pipeline.
  • State management: Screens and menus.
  • Editor: A simple editor to create enemies and bullet patterns.
Some screenshots (and video maybe) is coming later. I'm creating games for the Xbox 360, cool or what? :-)


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